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Holding Hands


Have you been wounded by toxic teaching, family dynamics, romantic partners, or work situations?

Are you someone who wants to support the healing and restoration of those hurt by toxic systems? 

SAFER has created a safe space for women in faith communities to be empowered and heal in a private group setting. Please join us!


SAFER is building an embroidered tapestry of survivors. Our coach Laura is a bit of a fiber artist and is honoring survivors her current project. 

Are you a survivor of domestic violence, any type of abuse (emotional, physical, spiritual, financial), sexual assault, etc, and have been a part of a faith community? If you can answer yes (even tentatively), we would be honored to represent you in this work.

We are using full names, first names, initials, pseudonyms, images, and symbols to represent survivors and their healing journey - the choice is yours. Names and identities are kept completely confidential. Please contact us to be included. 



At the Restore conference, nationally-known speakers covered a number of important and challenging topics, including: 

  • how churches enable abuse & fail to care for victims,

  • how to hold ministries accountable,

  • recovery and empowerment for survivors, and

  • standing up to bullies.

Visit this link for additional resources and information. 

Image by Sydney Sims


The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has compiled a wealth resources to support survivors and those in crisis. 

If you are in crisis, call the National Domestic Violence hotline: 800-799-7233

Survivor Resources are also available through the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

Arm Around Shoulder


Become a Patron

Support our work of creating an empowering community of healing for women through our Patreon site. Receive access to exclusive content, sponsor women in need of financial support, and broaden our ability to serve survivors.

Buy Merchandise

Support survivors by sporting some awesome merch! Every purchase from the SAFER Designs Artist Shop on Threadless or the SAFER shop provides survivors with coaching services and crisis support and offsets some of our continuing education expenses. 

Provide Supplies

SAFER has a safe house available for women in transition after abuse, and we are in need of supplies to help make it a more welcoming environment for these warrior families. Please see the Amazon list for current needs. 


If you are ready to take the next steps empowering and embracing your own healing, please join us by submitting the following forms: 

SAFER operates under the International Coaching Federation's Code of Ethics, and ensures client confidentiality. 

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Daydreaming with a Book


SAFER Playlist - Music can be a powerful part of processing, healing, and expressing ourselves. SAFER Coaches have compiled this list of songs through our #musicmonday posts in our online community. 

SAFER Community Reading: Book List - We are continually reading and gathering resources that we think might be of interest to you in your journey. While we don’t necessarily endorse and/or agree with everything in all of these books, we think they offer some interesting points and perspectives for consideration.

SAFER Community Listening: Videos and Podcasts - These podcasts and videos provide a variety of perspectives on important issues in the abuse recovery community. 


A book study for our patrons! Meet once a month on Zoom to discuss a relevant book. Feel welcome to interact at your comfort level within the group chats and discussions. Join us on Patreon at any level to access this amazing content. Please see the book schedule for our current reading selections.

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